Cobalt Sun Multimedia Light Art by Lynn Augstein
Cobalt Sun Studio

Steve Roach at Apache Springs Cobalt Sun Installations and Events

Lynn Augstein (Cobalt Sun) is the designer of experiential, multi-dimensional, cutting edge, light and video art installations, visual environments and atmospheres.

Lynn creates light, color and visual environments and installations for music concerts, stage, theater, dance events, as well as corporate and non-profit organization conferences and gatherings.

Cobalt Sun is continually experimenting, researching, and developing new concepts and designs for public presentation.

Cobalt Sun offers a truly unique, colorful and fresh approach to staging - utilizing fabric and form, transparency, shadow, scale, movement, color, reflection, dimension and textural layers of multi-media images and light and fabric collage.

Illustrated above: Steve Roach at Apache Springs. For a printable document of CobaltSun events and installations from 2001 to 2011, download this PDF file.
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Scenes from Cobalt Sun Installations and Events
Lynn at Ted X Marin
Lynn Augstein at Ted X Marin
Luminous Emptiness stage set
Stage set: Luminous Emptiness
Ted X Marin presentation
Ted X Marin presentation
Sound Quest Steve Roach
Stage set: Sound Quest, Steve Roach
Steve Roach at Apache Springs
Steve Roach at Apache Springs
Sound Quest- Steve Roach
Sound Quest- Steve Roach
Hyatt Color Marketing Conference
Hyatt Color Marketing Conference
Hyatt Color Marketing Conference
Hyatt Color Marketing Conference
Ojai Playwriters Gala
Ojai Playwriters Gala
Desert Dwellers Concert
Desert Dwellers Concert
Grace Cathedral- Hunab Ku
Grace Cathedral- Hunab Ku
Desert Dwellers Concert
Desert Dwellers Concert
Stage Set- Space Between
Stage Set- Space Between
Golden Veils
Last Day at Cobalt Sun Studio

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Past Multimedia Events of Note:

Mark Seelig and Beate Wappler
"A Journey From the Heart Chakra"
Mark Seelig and Beate Maria Wappler
Live Concert Oct 25, Nov 1, 2009.
Steve Roach Concert
"Dreamtime Return on a Possible Planet"
Steve Roach   Live Concert   August 19-20, 2005.
Light and Sound Installation May 14-15, 2005
Live Concert May 21-22, 2005
The One
"The One"
Live Concert August 13-14, 2005

View more videos of CobaltSun events at the CobaltSun Channel at Youtube.

Cobalt Sun Studio History:

Lynn Augstein's Cobalt Sun, the studio, began in the early 90's in a room in San Rafael, CA with a 12 foot wide, 8 foot high , 20 foot deep space with six theatrical par cans, a light mixing board and a stereo sound system.

Hours were spent experimenting with color combinations of light, observing visual responses, shadow play and its subsequent emotional impact - accompanied by resonant music.

The next evolution of Cobalt Sun Studio was located in Sausalito, CA from 2003 to 2009. With a much larger space to realize her work, it became an experimental lab for the study of perception.

This new environment incorporated multiple video and light projectors. The combinations of light projections and video projections offered extreme flexibility in creating intentional atmospheres and environments, incorporating light and sound.

The atmosphere inside enabled the visitor to experience a visual and sound world outside of the everyday onslaught of sensorial overload and into a more experiential, calming, and receptive space.

Cobalt Sun Studio hosted several music events, gallery showings, workshops and atmospheric meditations, including staging her own installations, "Reverence" and "Logos." For a complete list see her Artist Bio page.

Sound designer and electronic music artist Dwight Loop was the technical support, sound and music designer for Cobalt Sun Studio. Lynn Augstein would like to acknowledge the support of Dwight Loop, Ray Regan, Peter Hall and Juan Wulff and all who have assisted in bringing bring her vision to the world.

For a printable document of CobaltSun events and installations from 2001 to 2011, download this PDF file
Cobalt Sun